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The ProviderGateway Tracking System 

The ProviderGateway™ solution is an integrated suite of modules that accomplish the critical aspects of the major case-based Human Services programs. ProviderGateway™ was developed in response to the critical need at different levels of service delivery and information gathering, to have more up-to-date information about client services, costs, and the projected expenses for case loads of different types. Agency senior management need a way to make projections based on regulatory changes or other factors, while delivery (front-line) staff need a way to spend less time on administration and more on direct services to a client. 

ProviderGateway™ is designed to operate on a stand-alone basis, as a regional system or as an integral part of a statewide system to achieve these objectives. Transparently and seamlessly, It provides the necessary features to ensure that critical relationships are maintained between key data, such as eligibility classifications, types of services a client can receive, associated funding streams, and service classifications corresponding to State or Federal reporting requirements. It ensures that the appropriate Medicaid codes for example, are associated with State billings where applicable. Because data is always available on demand, ProviderGateway™ delivers a rich set of data for on-line or off-line reporting which responds to the need to have up-to-the-moment data for senior managers, or the ability to spot check client data as may be required by a service professional. 

ProviderGateway’s base system modules include: 

  • Contract Management 
  • Fund Management 
  • Billing/ Claims Management
  • Eligibility Status
  • Client Demographics
  • Referrals Manager 
  • Service Authorizations 
  • Provider Reporting
  • Case Notes
  • Information Center
  • Data Download Management

A system consisting of a subset of these modules is configured to be responsive to various program needs in Social Services (Child Care, Employment and Training, WIA) and Health Related/Medicaid Services (Developmental Disabilities, Behavioral Health, Long Term Care). Multiple programs can be integrated into one site, which enables comprehensive views of client progress and an integrated picture of the cost of care. 


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