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Tracking: Case Management, Service Tracking and Provider Billings

Case management supports the essential elements of the typical case management lifecycle, enabling providers to maintain and share a comprehensive picture of the services provided to a client. Service management is customizable to reflect the nuances of the particular programs that are implemented in a particular location, including:

  • Client assessment and triage
  • On-line provider referral and response
  • Client case notes and progress reporting
  • Performance reporting
  • Invoicing and State Billing

With the centralization of information and ready access via a standard web browser, a multitude of caregivers, service providers and case managers can simultaneously interact with a central repository for easy monitoring and progress evaluation of an individual case. Each professional who works with the client will have the best, most up-to date information about his or her client. ProviderGateway’s Case Management System uses information from existing intake and eligibility systems to create an integrated view of client services from multiple programs, including:

  • Service Plans and Goals: Service plan can be tracked for clients, including budgets and target outcomes for such services. Specific service types are traced as they are received (e.g., Transportation, Childcare, Employment, Training, Foster Care, Counseling) to enable the state or local reporting typically required from major HHS programs. All resources (services, costs, provider facilities) consumed in the attainment of the service plan can therefore be tracked over an episode of care goal or over the lifetime of the case

  • Ongoing Referral and Assignment: Referrals to providers are tracked from the time of referral through to provider acceptance. This enables the tracking of client’s current service locations as well as the elimination of duplicated services within or across programs.

  • Service Updates: Service transactions for a client are tracked through the service updates features for specific units of service, for general progress, and also the outcomes upon termination or conclusion of a service from a provider.

  • Billing and Invoicing: Service transactions can be billed directly through the ProviderGateway™ system. ProviderGateway™ maintains negotiated prices and contracts, and enables the timely accumulation of billings per client on a monthly or bi-weekly basis.

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