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Manage Client Activities in Social Service Programs

A key objective of social services programs is to ensure that clients receive the appropriate services as they move around a network of internal casemanagers and external service providers. The challenge prior to ProviderGateway™ centers on the fact that, in a paper-based world, it is cumbersome and nearly impossible to aggregate and coordinate data that provides meaningful information in the shortest timeframe. ProviderGateway™ fulfills this requirement for many social services programs by ensuring: 

Up to the minute consolidated view of client information from multiple sources

  • Client activity is compliant with eligibility and other regulatory guidelines
  • Provider services remain within budget and other contractual guidelines
  • Service expenditures are reconciled to fund accounts on a timely basis
  • State billings (e.g., Medicaid) are complete and timely 
  • Ability to create State or local performance reports on a timely basis. 

A basic requirement is to synchronize programmatic, fiscal and management information on a real time basis without the hassle and worry of complicated, incompatible systems. From a browser-based interface, all professionals who interact with a client are connected in a user-friendly manner. All referrals, responses, service updates and billings can be done on-line automatically. This approach removes any waiting time from the process of gathering the picture of services provided for the client. 

  • Case Managers are able to track the individual client requirements in the most cost-effective manner, and record program specific information. They are able to record and track eligibility and other programmatic controls and provide caseload performance reporting. 
  • Fund managers are able to manage service and dollar forecasts, actual fund balances, contracts and encumbrances, expenses and invoiced and approved payment amounts in real time. They have data and on-line tools to report performance information about key fiscal performance indicators in real time.
  • Program administrators are able to make strategic decisions based on hard data; for example they can determine the appropriate mix of provider services that match the interests and needs of the client base much easier. 
  • Providers are pleased with an interface that allows them to receive confirmed referrals and service authorizations, and also present their billings and invoices on-line in real time, and on-time

ProviderGateway™ has been configured to support multiple programs including Welfare to Work, Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Childcare, Prevention Retention and Contingency (PRC), and Title XX (Elder Care)….. and it applies to many more programs.


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