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Workforce Development

Achieving the goals of Workforce Development agency – to get more people trained and into the workforce – is accomplished via a combination of in-house and outsourced contracted Provider services. Every step of the way, program and fiscal managers need to track accountability for funds and compliance with program requirements. Keeping track of services authorized, individual training or service accounts, outcomes achieved, job placements, costs and funding sources on a reliable and regular basis can be very paper- intensive, tedious, time consuming and error-prone.

The Solution: 

ProviderGateway™ helps Workforce Development agencies to:

  • Track job placement, service outcomes and total cost of services on an individual client or aggregate basis 
  • Monitor provider contract utilization in order to prevent overspending, or identify under-spending early in the program year or period
  • Undertake and expand case management capabilities to improve service coordination between providers and client service professionals on a real time basis
  • Decrease paperwork associated with provider referrals, service authorization, invoicing, charge processing and post service audits
  • Create a complete and detailed audit trail of every transaction associated with Client services in one or multiple programs
  • Interface with internal accounting / payment systems and other legacy systems. 

How it works: 

With ProviderGateway™, agencies need only a browser and password access control to engage all members of their network. ProviderGateway™ allows user classes that include Financial Managers, Case Managers and Supervisors, Providers, Employers and Clients. Other classes can be defined based on an agency’s specifications. ProviderGateway™ then supports day-to-day operations by:

Supporting on-line service referral delivery for multiple programs and providers 

  1. Tracking service authorizations based on program eligibility, case management, budget and contract parameters
  2. Tracking service outcomes by program and service type 
  3. Maintaining contracted fee schedules and contract types (fee for service, performance based, cost reimbursement) 
  4. Reconciling funding source balances to services rendered. 


In one integrated environment, up to the moment fiscal and program information is instantly available and current, ensuring better monitoring of clients receiving provider services. Case management and outcome information is shared between professional staff (with the proper authorization) for services provided to a client over an episode of care, a program year or on a historical basis. Fund administration problems such as exceeding budgets or under spending are prevented while account reconciliation to services rendered becomes automatic. 

ProviderGateway™ presents a user-friendly environment to all classes of users in the workforce program, assuring an agreeable interface while maintaining the highest standard of integrity in programmatic and fiscal compliance. 

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